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The course includes six lessons, 61 minutes of video, 6 PDF's and the teacher's feedback of your ICM photographs. Only for £95.

        Equipment     Shutter Speed     Focal Length    
Basic Movements     Composition     Post Processing

This is the version of Elementary self-study course where the teachers will review your photos. If you are looking for the version with no review, take this course instead.

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Creative Photography

Intentional Camera Movement (ICM) is a creative photographic technique in which the camera is moved during the exposure. The end results have a painterly feel and mood and sometimes the images can look more like paintings than photographs. There are many factors which yield different kind of results and during this course you will learn which factor effects can be used to achieve certain results.

In this workshop there are 6 lessons during which we go through what kind of equipment is needed to create ICM photographs as well as certain post processing techniques handy to know for ICM images. You will learn the importance and significance of shutter speed, focal length, basic movements and how to create successful compositions of ICM images.

Each of the 6 lessons has a video that explains the technique and the exercise. You will also receive a PDF download of each exercise. You will receive the next lesson upon completion of the previous one. At the end of the course you can submit 4 ICM photos to the instructors to receive feedback on your images. 

For this course you only need a camera in which you can adjust shutter speed, aperture and ISO, basic knowledge on how the camera works, and an editing software. 

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In this course you will

  • Participate in a very easy to use course at your own pace
  • Watch 6 videos accompanied with 6 downloadable assignments
  • Learn the basics of ICM photography
  • Receive feedback on your images from one of the instructors
  • Get to know the wonderful world of ICM photography

 £95 (Instant Access)

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I have really enjoyed this self-study course. Usually I photograph birds and close-ups/macros of different plants. I found ICM ”by accident” and have been shooting ICM images every now and then. Elementary course was really good and gave me a lot of information on the basics. Looking forward to the Advanced Self-Study next.
- Sonja Jalonen

I have completed your interesting course "ICM Elementary Self-Study".
It has been very nice and instructive, even though I don't understand English.
Congratulations on your magnificent initiative.
- Toti Baró

Thank you so much for developing such a wonderful basic course, which I believe has given me a solid foundation for continuing to develop my skills in ICM! 
- Susan Bourgerie

I’m sure the ICM course has given me tools to work towards my goal. Thanks for the great course and best regards 
- Pasi Oksman